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Story Sanctum is a shrine for sacred storytelling, where writers and readers can unite around what makes us human. We curate compelling fiction and nonfiction stories with a clear point of view that captures the truth and beauty, sacredness and strangeness, heartbreak, horror and hope of the human condition. 

For us, sacredness transcends any one religion and does not have to be religious at all. Our stories honor the sacredness of life found in the human experience. 

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Shawn Casselberry 

Shawn sees the world through stories. He has written fiction and nonfiction books and just released a book of short stories called Strange Fire (Story Sanctum Publishing, 2022). His day job is working for a mental health company, but his passion is writing and helping others publish their writing. He is the cofounder/editor of Story Sanctum, an online shrine dedicated to sacred story-telling, and the lead content creator at Casselberry Creative Design, where he and his wife Jen help authors move from ideas to published manuscripts. After sixteen years of living and working in marginalized communities in the city, Shawn and Jen moved to a house by a pond to pursue their creative dreams and offer retreats for fellow artists and writers looking for rest and inspiration. You can connect with Shawn on Twitter (@scasselberry) and his website:


Joel Klepac
As a kid, Joel loved listening in on the adults who were telling stories and has not lost the joy of human connection found in the sharing of a good tale. He spends time exploring consciousness, connectedness and the felt experience of living in a mysterious and beautiful world through encaustic painting, drawing, writing and a day job as a mental health therapist. He spent his early career in Eastern Europe working with at-risk youth, showing paintings in the local art guild gallery and eating still warm bread with salty cheese with jam on top. He is the cofounder/editor of Story Sanctum, a platform dedicated to sacred story-telling. You can connect with Joel through his website

Krin Van Tatenhove

Krin is a writer, photographer, Master Naturalist, and spiritual adventurer—one who has lived numerous lifetimes yet is still exploring. He was a Presbyterian pastor for 32 years, serving in a variety of settings but always an advocate for ministries of justice. He has also been an organizer for Habitat of Humanity, a substance abuse counselor, a hospice chaplain, and Director of a nonprofit. His 40 years of professional writing experience have led to countless articles and a dozen books. You can freely download most of his work—including full-color art collaborations—by visiting Krin holds a doctoral degree in ministry, his dissertation plumbing the meaning and power of spiritual gifts. He is married, has four precious children, and currently lives with his wife and special-needs adult son in San Antonio, Texas.

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