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Brokenness is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a sign of strength. Scars are a sign of healing, of hard work that has been done. Walking through life’s fires, it is inevitable that you will get burned. But God can make something beautiful from those ashes. Broken people are the most genuine people out there. They don’t live their lives as if nothing is the matter with them.

In Beautifully Broken, Ruth revisits the trauma of her childhood as a missionary kid in Nigeria, details her search for her biological parents, and shares her brave journey of living with ALS.

Ruth’s message to those who have been shattered by life’s cruelty is that God can mend broken people, making them into something beautiful.

This is the story of an ordinary girl who has lived an extraordinary life.


What Gives You Hope book cover-02.png

What gives you hope? For many of us, this query has the weight of a Zen kōan. It demands deep reflection, a wrangling of our minds. To plumb the Buddhist notion further, it may reveal that we are attached to concepts of hope that are illusory and no longer have realistic meaning in our chaotic world.

In this compilation, 18 people from multiple generations and diverse backgrounds answer this critical question. You will be inspired and challenged by their perspectives, leading you to ask yourself, “What gives me hope?”

Contributing authors: Michael J. Adee, Heiwa no Bushi, Yasmin Gudino, Melinda Sposto Harrelson, Melissa Johnson, Michael D. Kirby, W. Mark Koenig, Tobias A. Kroll, Hanna Leigh, Jerrod Lowry, Nancy Chester McCranie, Le Anne Clausen de Montes, Steven Nootenboom, Gary Poole, Chad Presley, Morgan Sanchez, Krin Van Tatenhove, and Sharon K. Youngs.


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Hospice chaplain Suzanne Bea Slover Leahy has cared for hundreds of people on the edge of death. Life on the Edge is a moving collection of heartwarming stories packed with deep insights from Suzanne’s reflections on the front lines.

Death isn’t a subject people like to discuss, but the reality is, everyone is going to die. Suzanne not only normalizes dying, she humanizes it by reflecting on what it’s like to accompany individuals at the end of their lives.

Suzanne shares about the early days of her career, her experiences working at a cancer treatment center, as well as the present challenges of caring for patients during the COVID pandemic. With humor and grace, Suzanne honors the lives of her patients who have died, by passing on the wisdom they’ve taught her in their final moments.

Whether you’re a caregiver, family member, or individual, Life on the Edge will inspire you to make every moment count and to begin to face the reality of death without fear.


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"Don't starve the monster, lest ye all should perish!"

You are about to enter into the world of the peculiar and the bizarre. Strange Fire is a collection of 15 stand-alone short stories by Story Sanctum co-founder Shawn Casselberry, that will grip your heart and keep you guessing to the end. Monsters are on the loose in Hollow Town and no child is safe who has the Mark. A social media influencer must learn to shed more than her apathy in Skin. A 15-year-old from the South Side of Chicago discovers he has special powers when he protects his best friend from police brutality in The Windy City Wizard. Writer Arthur G. Blum is ready to end it all when his fictional subjects stage an intervention in Characters. Strange Fire will transport you to unusual worlds and will transform you so you'll never be the same. (Proceeds from the book help defray costs of the Story Sanctum site).

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